Cosmic Barbadian Leo Branch

Like other Barbadian, Leo is one of the humble remarkable everyday people you will meet in Barbados; an excellent host, keen to please, unassuming, accommodating, and witty. Barbados Innovations in Tourism are due to from its creativity and passion. This passion for invention has made a treasure chest of different and unique ways to discover and experience the island. Land, sea, underwater, underground, in the air, and up in the sky are the palette of their ingenuity.

Legendary astronomer, Leo Branch, spearheaded star gazing from a Barbados beach. It ‘s the ideal place to contemplate the universe, he tells us. On a clear night, one can almost see forever. He is commenting on looking at the stars through his mobile electronic 10-inch telescope. He is a self-taught astronomer with 54 years of practical experience who has dedicated his life to helping people to comprehend the universe. Today in semi-retirement, he is still sought by notable TV and Magazine journalists Television and film media including the British Broadcasting Company, and earthly stars who seek his knowledge of creation and cosmic connection.

Barbadian Leo Branch


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